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Anneke and Henks travel and genealogy website - Anneke & Henk's travel and genealogy website

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Welcome to our
AHHHHA website: Anneke Huigen Henk Hilkmann Holland Amsterdam

On our website you will find three main subjects:

  • Travel: We like to travel with a preference to Asia and the Middle East. The most recent pictures are from a trip to Antarctica, Estonia, Russia, Riga, Bulgaria, GeorgiĆ« and Gujarat in India. We also added some old scanned slides from previous trips and pictures from hiking trips in Europe. Of course we added some pictures from our city Amsterdam and our home country, The Netherlands.

  • Family: The second part of the website exists of the genealogy of the Huigen and Hiemstra families: A family tree and some personal pictures. If you want to know more, contact us via e-mail. You will find a link under "info". For information about the Hilkmann family:

  • Recipes: Food and recipes is the thirth part of our website. So please check out our most favourite recipes. Starters, some main courses, deserts, cakes etc. Unfortunately they are in Dutch.

e do hope you have a good time surfing our website.

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